Monday, June 16, 2008

"i will not talk in school"

i got in trouble for talking in school.

on saturday i had grad class from 8-3ish (we were suppose to go 'til 5...) the problem is that the class is a continuation of our winter class so everyone in the class already knows each other. and when you go to class with people for hours and hours on saturdays you start to bond. and we hadn't seen each other in 4 weeks. and we have so much to compare. tornado experiences, on-line iep experiences, end of year craziness, and of course, wii bowling scores. so maybe i was really excited to talk to my friend. and maybe i didn't even notice the professor standing behind me, using that great teaching strategy of quietly waiting... maybe the professor threatened to separate us and THEN made us get new partners for our group work. seriously?

later she called my name to make sure my eyes were on her.

all of it was good teaching strategies. she didn't mock me, or yell at me, or shame me in any way. still, i feel like delinquent grad student. who gets in trouble in grad school? for talking? and now that i can't talk during lectures anymore, how am i suppose to survive 8 hours of school on saturday?

maybe i'll have to take my laptop and email.
(just kidding)

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Anonymous said...

a blackberry? crossword puzzle? maybe your buddy and you can play connect-the-dots...