Wednesday, June 25, 2008

book sharing

on the last day of teacher workdays i held my collection of fluff books out to a fellow teacher about to leave for a long plane trip across the country. she shuffled through the books deciding which ones would be best to read on the plane, which were the "fluffiest" and would require the least amount of thinking.
while we sorted through the books and chatted about our tastes in the chick-lit genre the teacher's old student stood next to us, peering into the scandalous bag of books. we would have been fabulous natural models of grown ups reading for pleasure and having book talks if the books in question weren't so... mind-numbingly fluffy. the poor 2nd-about-to-be-3rd grader stared wide-eyed at how these teachers could become so involved in "terrible books" when we give our own lectures about "just right" books.

sorry jos, i hope we didn't do any permanent damage to your little one!

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Anonymous said...

Not at all! I love that she got to witness a grown-up book share/talk. : )