Monday, March 10, 2008

x marks the spot

One of the great sessions I attended at SHAV was on using visual symbols when teaching children with autism. It was fabulous and as soon as I get my head on straight I plan on posting a list of websites she recommended.

She also gave us great 'take aways' of little symbols already made and laminated for us. One of them was an X that says 'HERE'. She said she found this card the absolute most useful of all of them and kept it on her to use frequently to take care of any confusion when trying to explain to a child where to stand or where to put something.

I already used it today, with a child in the general education curriculum. A little one who tried to pretend he was a bit confused with where his teacher and I were instructing him where to sit. He kept trying to sneak back. Good thing I had the card. I whipped it out and as he stared at me like I was crazy I slammed it down on the floor. 'HERE'. Can't argue with that.

I plan on hanging onto this little card from now on. no more pretending you don't understand me.

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Blink said...

Hey, X marks the spot! What could be more absolute than that? I may need this at our next faculty meeting. Think of it as where the treasure is buried.