Monday, March 24, 2008

cat v frog, week 2

today i had to clean the frog's tank. i can do this activity without complaining when i do it with children, turning it all into a learning experience for my helpers. i almost look forward to watching a few kids triumphantly fish out the squirmy frog with a net and pour him into his new clean container. later they bring their writing workshop papers to me and we laugh about the great vocabulary they used to describe the stinky, swimmy frog.

when i do it by myself its just gross. no fun vocabulary needed.

of course, my kitten certainly didn't think so. she's still a little angry with me for locking her in a room during this process since after i started cleaning i realized her paw was ready to scoop down and fish out Happy the minute i turned my back. when i left for grad class today she was still sitting on the kitchen counter watching every move Happy made. i wasn't convinced he'd be alive when i returned.

he is alive, although she is still guarding the kitchen with her life, waiting for me to take him down to play again. i will be so relieved when Happy returns to school.

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