Tuesday, March 4, 2008

kindergarten guided reading discussion

So, start at the beginning and tell me what happened in the story!

There was a dog.

Yes. The dog is a character. But what happened first in the story?

The dog. and a cat.

Yes... What did the dog and the cat do??

They were happy.

Were they happy? Let's go back and read and find out what the author writes!

In the words? In the book?

yes! In the words. Start here.

I read that already.

Start here. Read it again.

Reading book....

Ok! Stop. Now, tell me what just happened.

The girl had a dog and a cat.

Did she have a dog?

No. She wanted one.

Right! So what did she do?

Got a dog.

Read the page again.

She walked her cat.

Yes! So, did the cat like the walk?


Mmmm.... why do you say that?

The cat liked the walk.

Read this sentence.

'my cat doesn't want to go on a walk.'

Does the cat like the walk?


Does the cat want to go on the walk?


So does he like the walk?

I don't know! I only know he doesn't want to go on the walk.

** ** **
*sigh* apparently inferring skills are far above us right now...

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Unknown said...

Heh, I could have written this post this week!