Saturday, March 15, 2008


it's 6am on the first official day of spring break and i'm wide awake, about to leave to go meet my jumpers for all day clinic. it's usually an incredible day and everyone has a lot of fun. i have to admit though, that after leaving our realtor's last night at 10pm, and after a very long week full of ieps and grownups, i am a little scared i might eat little children today. i'm worried my patience is going to be nonexistent and that being in loud, chaotic gyms might put me over the edge.

time for lots of coffee, a good breakfast, and perhaps a quick reminder why i'm doing this. just like i tell my kiddos in social groups, deep breaths, deep breaths...

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Blink said...

I hope you can find a quiet place inside yourself (my husband's trick) amid all the hubbub. On the other side of things, those kids LOVE you and couldn't do it without you.