Sunday, March 2, 2008

and then there was the sick raccoon

On Friday my school celebrated Dr. Seuss' bday since it fell on a weekend this year. The school was covered in red and white stripes with guest readers coming in and out of the building all day long. When I went to pick my kiddos up for our lunch bunch they were bouncing off the walls with the excitement of Dr Seuss, the cat in the hat, and their brand new Dr Seuss paper hats, which fell over their eyes as they continued to jump in the hallway. One was sure that the REAL Dr. Seuss would be coming to visit. Needless to say he was devastated when his brother yelled, "He's DEAD!"

to add to all of this craziness, there had been a raccoon spotted on our playground, and since one would assume that a raccoon so close to us is most likely rabid, we were told to keep the children inside until animal control could come and get it.

so, now I had 5 bouncing kindergartners in their cat in the hat hats running from window to window to check out the sick raccoon, one of them swearing to me their teacher told them to go pet it.

as a child raised in the country rabid animals were something I knew to stay away from probably before I knew all of the letters in the alphabet. It was an important survival skill for kids to know if they were allowed to play outside for hours on end without parent supervision (what a fabulous childhood we had!).
Obviously my lunch bunch kiddos had never had such a lesson, so we had our own little mini-lesson on why a sick raccoon was something they need to stay away from. It was so funny to watch 'city kids' try to comprehend why we couldn't 1) take care of something when its sick 2) play with the cute animal we only see in books 3) invite the raccoon in for dr. seuss's bday.

luckily they came and got the raccoon before the end of month fire drill.

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