Wednesday, March 12, 2008

library messengers

On Monday two of my little kindergarten girls were assigned to be library messengers together. They were suppose to pick up the basket of library books and carry it together to the library, not far down the hall. This is a task that is a bit heavy for kindergartners, but they do usually manage to do it.
I was a bit worried about these 2 however, and decided I'd go along with them to help.

We stepped into the hallway when one put the basket down, "WHEW! This is heavy!" she said, and wiped her arm across her forehead.

Thinking that it probably was heavy I took about half the books out and carried them myself.

A few steps later the other one put it down. "I can't! Too heavy!" she said.

So I took more books out and added them to my stack.

We were a few feet from the library door and both girls dropped the basket. "We can't!" they said.

So I took more books out.

We walked along, me carrying a large, tower of library books, and the two little girls, stumbling along with three library books in the basket. We continued to stop so they could rest their tired arms. Finally, we dropped out the books and turned to walk out.

"Whew! That's much better!" one said, as she picked up empty basket.

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