Sunday, March 23, 2008


i had a nightmare last night that i didn't get any sleep one night, and went off to school unprepared. when i stopped in one of my classrooms i got a call from the office telling me i'd be in there all day since the teacher was out sick and they couldn't get a sub. oh yeah, and they had no sub plans, the teacher had 5 new students, and they pulled the instructional assistant to sub in another class.

in the nightmare it all went fairly well although the new children had arrived because they shut down the center for students with emotional disabilities, so there was lots of throwing objects and curse words yelled around the room. i had to restrain one of these new children from hurting another child. on the upside, the current students, the ones i actually know and love, were angels as all this unfolded, despite their occasionally non-angelness in reality. in the dream i thought, wow, these kids have come a long way! we've done really well with them this year!

even in the nightmare there was a silver lining. :)

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