Monday, March 24, 2008

books, books, books

for my birthday tree gave me a stack of books to enjoy over my 3 week intersession break. it is a beautiful stack, including a trashy book from the ny times best seller list, a brit chic-lit 'classic', a beverly cleary book (yes, the one i was worried wasn't appropriate for her fourth grader), and Flipped by wendelin van draanen.

i read Flipped today and loved it. loved it so much that i decided not to be embarrassed about reading it on the metro even if it is a young adult book. i want to go to school tomorrow, find some 4th graders i know have read it, and have some book talks. and not necessarily teacher-led-academic-style book talks. i mean, giggly with excitement as voices get louder retelling favorite parts. i want to be back in 4th grade so i can call my best friend and we can talk about how great the chicken scene is, or how we'd totally never take the boy back, or maybe we would. and how we'd talk about our own 'sycamore trees'.

so, if you want a great, quick read, i highly recommend it. when you're finished call me and we'll talk over bowls of ice cream until our moms yell at us to get off the phone because we have to finish our homework.

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