Saturday, March 8, 2008


My head is still swimming with everything I learned the last 2 days at the SHAV conference. Even though it was for speech pathologists every session I went to applied to my job as a special education teacher. I went to one on selective mutes, another on early literacy intervention strategies, and another on visual strategies to use with autistic children. My brain almost hurts from all of the knowledge I've picked up over the last couple days, which is unfortunate because now I'm off to take a final for grad school. We got in at 10pm last night and after a few hours of cramming and trying to switch gears from SLP speak to grad school I'm exhausted.

But to be honest, after all I've learned at SHAV, and all the cramming I've been up doing the last few hours for grad school, all I want to do is get back to school and see my kiddos. I want to try out new strategies, go to the websites, download the ideas, make the visual cues, apply what I've learned. The idea of sitting from 8:30-5 today and not working with children just hurts. How can I take in anymore before I get to apply what I learned? Can my brain literally explode with excitment of new activities? Or implode within itself so that when I get to my final all I have is the rubble of what was once great knowledge. Let's hope not.

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