Monday, February 4, 2008

transition IEPs...

I just came from a meeting where kindergarten special ed teachers and preschool special ed teachers met to begin to get familiar with our future kids for next year. I'd been warned it would be crazy, and it certainly met all of my expectations. The preschool teachers were excited to talk about the kids they were sending on and we bombarded them with questions as we were excited/nervous to hear about the kids/parents/needs that would walk in our doors next August.
What I found refreshing though was making contact with the preschool teachers who obviously put their heart and souls into teaching their kiddos. They described problems with behavior with a truthfulness yet still showed they loved the special kid they were working with. Some had taught my previous kiddos in past years and were excited to hear updates and share stories of how my kindergartener's preschool years. It was great to know where my kids came from, and to know that my kids for next year will be coming from amazingly loving backgrounds. I hope when I talk about my kids my love for them comes through, even when I'm describing bathroom or behavioral issues.

Now I have a whole new set of kids to know, dates to memorize, paperwork to complete, and meetings to organize, but I'm excited about next August.

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