Thursday, February 7, 2008

suckers (subtitle: i heart moviemaker)

One of my fabulous co-teachers and I just put together our second photostory on movie maker. Can I tell you how much I love that software? We first did it last year when she was an intern in my classroom. We started by having our kiddos write a class story using interactive writing. Then we took pictures of what we wrote about, had the children sequence the photos in their correct order, and then recorded the class reading the story. In the end we had a fabulous "movie" to show to parents and others of our great writing.

Of course, any great teacher knows it's not about the finished product but the journey in between and movie maker is a fabulous way to get kids to work together on a sequencing activity, create a meaningful story, focus on word-wall words, needed writing skills, and fluency in reading. It is also great because it can be adapted for any grade level. Last year we used it with our first graders, this year with her kindergarten class. Her goal with the group was primarily putting together a class recount and then having them participate in meaningful shared-reading.

It SO worked. Tell kids they are recording thier voices like Hannah Montanna (we didn't actually say that) and they are remarkable well-behaved and focused. We really got in some great shared reading and fluency work as they practiced reading their story, word wall words and all, over and over again.

And they thought we were just having fun.


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