Thursday, February 14, 2008

love, love, love

What a day. Aside from the large choclate lips given to me to honor my name, my day has been full of chocolate, chaos, energy, and lots of love. But more energy and chaos than anything else. And my tummy hurts from the vast amount of valentine parties I attended. I shamefully had one of those days where the kiddos delighted me so much that I couldn't keep a straight face, so, I let on way too many times when I was overly amused by them.

Images of today:

"I have a joke to tell you" one of my co-teachers said to her class. "What is invisible and smells like bananas?" And, in true kindergarten fashion, they burst into laughter. Who needs a punchline? Its kindergarten.

Another kindergarten co-teacher was making 'welcome to our classroom signs' to put on their door for our school-wide writing celebration tomorrow. She asked what kind of a sign we should put on the door. One of her kiddos yelled out, "GET IN OR GET OUT!" Think he hears that one at home?

Watching the kindergarten classes working their hardest to sit still on the carpet was like watching a wave pool or a wack-a-mole game. Everyone would be criss-cross-applesauce and then they would slowly pop up and down, up and down as their wiggles erupted through their entire body. Who can sit still on your first valentines day in school?

I walked into one of my classrooms and one of my six-going-on-sixteen year olds waved her hands and then emptied my valentine mailbox across the counter like she was displaying a million dollars. "Look at all this!" she proudly exclaimed. Valentines is clearly her favorite holiday.

Inside the mailbox stuffed with chocolate and cheetah-girl cards was also a handmade card from a little boy. When I turned it over I realized it was done on the back of an old piece of homework that had been returned to him. He was hording his school papers and using them to write to us since he has so little at home.

On a side note, The Cheetah-girl valentine cards must share an art staff with victoria secret. How are those possibly appropriate to send to school with your six year old??

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Jenny said...

What is invisible and smells like bananas? How can you leave us hanging like that?