Friday, February 15, 2008


i walked into a kindergarten classroom today and observed one boy with his hand inside another child's mouth. i immedietly asked him to stop trying to pull out his friend's tooth. when the classroom teacher heard me she ran over.

"Are your hands in his mouth AGAIN?" she asked.

It was the 'again' that made me duck my head so they wouldn't see me laughing.

"We have talked about this all day! Who can pull out a tooth? A dentist, a parent" she started counting on her hands. clearly they had been over this many times during the day already.

the dentist to be walked away muttering and the boy with the loose tooth looked grim.
"Did you ask him to pull out your tooth?" i asked. he shook his head.

so his classmate had taken it upon himself to spend the day grabbing the tooth whenever he thought his teacher wasn't looking and pull as hard as possible.

wow. kindergarten logic.

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