Friday, February 15, 2008


the new routine we're working on with my jumpers is to michael jackson's thriller. now that the kids are hitting the right beats at the right times and landing those difficult turns we decided it was time to spice up the routine.
the head coach was trying to explain to them certain moves she wanted them to do based on the music video. they of course, not being born in the 80s, looked at us like we were crazy. Zombies? are you serious? eww.
(i sadly have to admit that since i grew up beliving pbs and npr were the only way to reach the outside world, i had actually never seen the music video until i went home and watched it last night. )

the head coach went to go grab some paperwork and the minute she was gone a bunch of kids raised their hands with concern.
"I don't understand!" one said with passionate confusion. "Michael Jackson... is this before he was white?"

"yeah!" another one blurted out "he sings? i thought he was just... you know... bad."

"wait! whose michael jackson?" came next.

and so, without going into to much detail, i tried to quickly capture the fact that there was a time when michael was as popular as Hannah Montana, but, he feel from grace like Britney. When they clearly weren't buying that MJ use to be an american icon I quickly moved on to another topic.

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