Saturday, February 23, 2008

snow day technology blues

our printer died last night. it went out in somewhat of a fit of glory, loud noises, little rubber pieces going every which way, string-like things coming out with the paper. little pieces of the printer guts are spread across my grad school papers, a gruesome reminder of last night's violent death. it wasn't sudden, sadly, as it had begun giving us pieces of itself with every print job. i spent a parent conference trying to explain why the child's draft iep was covered in little black rubber things while I shook them off each page. our kitten, a fan of noise and small pieces, jumped around watching the commotion as we begged and pleaded the little printer to come back to life, just for 2 last papers.
but alas nothing worked and my day of productivity is still hiding inside my computer. i emailed the files to my professors, but they were too big and were sent back. so now i am off to go to kinkos? staples? to beg and plead someone to let me into the campus' locked computer lab?
i never thought i'd say this, but if only we'd had school yesterday, i would have been able to print there. *sigh* first snow day of the year and i can't even appreciate its existence. what kind of ba-hum-bug does that make me?
a disgruntled grad student ba-hum-bug i suppose.

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