Thursday, February 7, 2008

spaghetti day will be the death of me

images from lunch club today:

~ a child has put her chicken nugget on a fork and then nestled the fork down her shirt right in the middle of her chest. She then begins shaking her shoulders. ??? Someone sees too much tv.

~The remains of the spaghetti carefully carried to the trashcan only to be tipped upside down before reaching the trash. Noodles and sauce everywhere.

~Child asked to clean up the spaghetti he dropped then begins to shovel the dirty noodles into his mouth as a way to "clean" up.

~When asked to stop putting the dirty noodles into his mouth he then begins to throw them into the air.

~While I am assisting the spaghetti monster with getting his noodles into the trashcan another child loudly states, "HEY! I LIKE APPLES" and grabs the apple pieces from another child's lunch. She grins happily because she had been instructed not to move out of her chair until the apple pieces disapeared.

i have a headache.

1 comment:

Susan Nations said...

Oh my word! I can see why you don't like it. For me, it's "Nacho Day"'s a MESS!