Saturday, February 9, 2008

my smart cookie

My smart cookie has been making some really not fabulous decisions lately. I can't tell you the sinking feeling I have everytime I hear about another one of these terrible decision.

Last year I went to my graduate school professor in my emotional disorders class and asked his opinion on my little one. His words still terrify me. He pointed out that she was on the track to become socially maladjusted and without proper social training intervention would most likely end up in jail. He didn't say it out of malilce, just out of knowing the patterns and trends facing children who never get social skills intervention. By 8, he said, it is usually developmentally too late to turn a child around.

I feel helpless and frustrated. She needs so much. How do you get her to use her powers for good and not evil? Can 8 truly be too late to turn a child's life around? How can that be possible?


thepowerguides said...

I can only say my son got to 19 and had been diagnosed as a lost cause by many including teachers etc. did terrible at school and seemed to be nothing we could do as parents , then suddenly he grew up and all the things we thought he took no notice of over 10 years were in there all the time , I am sure that is not what you may want to hear 10 years is a long time


organized chaos said...

that actually is reassuring. Perhaps my smartcookie just needs time to go through all that is awkward with childhood.