Tuesday, September 1, 2009

you there, go to the end of the line, you goose.

today fabulous friend walked into our room, took a look at the jobs chart and let out a loud whine, "but i don't wanna be a goose!"

we looked at each other confused- whose talking about a goose? and then realized that she meant she didn't want the job of being last in line.

somehow she thought that we've been making one kid a day stand at the end of the line to be the goose- which, to a 5 year old, must sound a lot like having the teacher decide to have the whole class call one student a mean name. this seems even meaner if english is your second language and you associate goose and chicken as the same animal.

no wonder nobody wants to be the caboose this year.

perhaps we need to take some time explaining what a caboose is on a train.

of course, trains themselves do not use caboose anymore. hmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

My caboose gets to turn off the lights as we leave the room. This is a thrill, as the lightswitch is off-limits to children at all other times. Sometimes the caboose gets to close the door, too. This week's caboose is pretty happy with his position -- could you try something like that?