Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the sky is still there

today, despite a weekend full of trepidation and talking heads predicting that the sky was falling president obama talked to our students.


-the sky did not fall
-the world is not over
-the entire class did not jump up and shout "i want socialized medicine and i want it now!"

there were:

-gasps that the president used the word stupid
-questions about 'how come he's president and God's not president?'
-excited "that's me!" whispers every time he said the word 'kindergarten'
-questions of 'why does he want to talk to us? we already know how to work hard!'
-a few bored (but surprisingly well behaved) kindergartners and first graders

most importantly, when it was over there were:

-children explaining that president obama said they could be a liar, a fire fighter, a teacher, or anything they wanted, as long as they worked hard and didn't give up on themselves.

if a first grader could tell me that at the end of the speech i think it was a success.

oh yeah- and he asked them to WASH THEIR HANDS. i love him. i'm getting a big picture of him with a speech bubble over his head that says, "wash your hands!"
because if there is anyone who can get kindergartners to wash their hands it will be him. if only he'd added 'and don't pick your nose'.

maybe i'll just tell them he said that and they missed it...


The Science Goddess said...

Maybe he should have used his brainwashing superpowers (according to some) to banish the nosepicking urge. Now the neo-cons are going to have something to complain about in terms of the speech.

Ms. D said...

Truly enjoyed your post. We had to postpone our viewing, but an anxious to watch later on tape with fifth graders. Even I wish don't pick your nose had been added.

stacykasse said...

very cute blog...but are you sure he said they could be a liar??? Just wondering ...maybe you meant writer? I LOVE the reaction your students had, though. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryloakes50 said...

Just Sweet! Your class is so smart!

Mrs. Robin Martin said...

Sometimes the best insight is right in front of our eyes. Thanks for a kindergarten teacher's perspective. Don't know why this became so controversial. It is patriotic to listen to your president whether you agree with his policies or not. He did a great job today. My 7th graders were listening too and asked me after the speech why it was such a big deal. Why were people making such a fuss. It was a short, but good discussion.

Kirsten said...

I think the "liar" might have been "lawyer". ??