Thursday, September 17, 2009

public service annoucement from first grade

a very concerned little boy eyed me suspiciously during writing workshop yesterday. finally he pointed to my finger nails, (the finger nails i was thinking were looking so nice because they actually hadn't broken like they usually do) and he said,

you know, mrs. lipstick, it doesn't hurt when you cut your finger nails.

to me: beautiful finger nails allowed to grow beyond the tips of my fingers in a shapely fashion.

to him: another person, who, like him, was scared to cut finger nails in fear that it would hurt. he was giving me his public service announcement.

i went home and cut them. i'm sure, today, he will smile inwardly with pride at the fact he helped me not be afraid.

to me, i see two hands who can't afford a manicure but could really use one.

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