Friday, September 11, 2009

think blocks come through every time

so, where is it ok to touch your friends in school? on the shoulder? ok! on the head? ok! on the bottom? NOT OK. in the private area? NOT OK!

asides from the awkwardness of trying to draw the pictures on the little blocks, i think the lesson went pretty well. now, let's just see if my friend can remember the distinction.


Random Walks said...

I really LIKE this! I am trying to use ThinkBlocks, too. Would you like to join a ThinkGroup? I am hoping to network with others. I am a fourth grade teacher in a small town in Maine. I ran across ThinkBlocks online and wanted to learn more about them. Derek was very helpful.


organized chaos said...

I would LOVE to join a ThinkGroup. The more we share and brainstorm how to use the patterns of thinking the better we'll be!