Thursday, September 17, 2009

budget cuts hit everyone

during kindergarten reading workshop i looked up to see a little one tapping one finger against his palm. after a bit he'd hold his palm up against his ear for a moment, sigh, bring his palm down, and tap his fingers again.

i had to know.

friend, what are you doing?

calling the police. he stated, without bothering to glance up as though it was obvious, and continued his pattern of tap, tap, tap, hold up to ear, sigh, tap, tap, tap.

oh.... why?

because she (he pointed to the little girl beside him who was on-task reading a big book) isn't my friend anymore.

what are the police going to do? i asked, hoping to lead the conversation into a 'what is a better way to tell your friend that she hurt your feelings' discussion.

well, nothing 'cause they're not answering.

even in the imaginary world of a five year old the police budget has been cut so much that they can't answer the imaginary phone to take care of friendship problems.

it's a tough life.

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