Friday, February 27, 2009

sick juice in the nose

our kiddos are experts at finding a way to say what they want to say if they don't know the english word for it. i love listening to their round-about descriptions that get across exactly what they mean. sometimes they do such a good job of it you don't realize they actually have weak english skills. you just think they're naturally descriptive children. :)

one girl i read with is very much like this. she's become so good at talking around what she wants to say that most of the time i forget her english is very limited. today though, she looked at me and said, "i have sick juice in my nose that is going squeeshy squeeshy"

i think she wanted to tell me that she needed a tissue, or just that she had snot in her nose that was bothering her. but squeeshy squeeshy sick juice certainly got the point across.


Anonymous said...

I teach ESL self contained, so I love this blog. Doesn't it seem at times like the regular ed kids could learn some creative writing ideas from our kids?

carey said...

"i have sick juice in my nose that is going squeeshy squeeshy"? much more descriptive than "i have a cold." i love it!

Snippety Gibbet said...

You know, when you were asking about synonyms for snot the other day, I thought to myself that "sick juice" was about as good as you could do.