Wednesday, February 18, 2009

reading emotions

during guided reading today pixie could not concentrate on the book. she made up the words, skipped around on the page and became engrossed in the pictures. finally she leaned in and peered into my face.

"ok, let's see. am i making you angry or sad? angry or sad? angry or sad?"

pixie has a visual/perceptual integration learning disability, so in reality she has a more difficult time reading people's facial expressions than the rest of us. as this tiny girl leaned in to read my face i couldn't help but crack a smile.

"oh good! you're happy! you're not angry or sad! you're always happy!"

*sigh* in all these years of teaching my evil teacher look is being tripped up by pixie, cutest-child-ever, who takes so long to register the emotions on my face that she totally misses evil-teacher and only finds 'teacher trying not to burst into giggles'. no wonder she's always so happy.

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Angela Watson said...

HAH! I can totally picture that.

My happiest kids are always blissfully ignorant. The ones who are really tuned in with the world around them smile far less often.