Wednesday, February 4, 2009

and just how is your tv doing these days?

as i walked down the hall this morning jenny pulled me into her room and said, "go ask m why she wasn't in school yesterday"

so i did.

"because i wanted to see what the tv was doing"


"i didn't come to school yesterday because i had to see how the tv was"

this girl... !!! totally innocent voice, shrug of the shoulders, as though that was a reasonable answer anyone would give. like we would say, "oh, well then, any time. and by the way, how is your tv?"

*again, hate to step on my coteacher's blogging toes, but i've been giggling about this all day.


carey said...


one of my students told me the other day that he left his backpack at home because he thought his dog might eat it. i thought that might be a good reason to keep your bookbag away from your dog--perhaps by taking it to school--but then, i am just the teacher, so what do i know?

Anonymous said...

I had one that was late the other day. His story was that his mom took him to the ER because someone sneezed on him and she was afraid he might have caught a cold!

Bonnie said...

LOL We had a two hour delay due to snow one day this week and when one of our 6th graders didn't come in to school his teacher phoned his home. He answered the phone and she asked, "Why aren't you at school?" His response was, "I'm not?" (Maybe he had just woken up ... benefit of the doubt!)