Wednesday, February 11, 2009


one of my kindergarten kiddos and i have "talk time" every morning and afternoon so he can have someone to tell his thoughts to. in the beginning this was me, listening to his long list of grievances (think festivas, just twice a day). but it was good for him and we were able to take those anecdotes and walk through what he could do next time, etc. he's been less angry since this started (fingers crossed) so as long as it's working we're keeping up our daily discussions.

today he showed me the valentines he's been working so hard on for the last couple of days. he proudly showed me the hannah montana one he'd picked out for me. i said, "WOW! I love valentines day!"

"i don't" he said begrudgingly.

"why not?"

"because there's this little man who has no clothes but has wings that flies around and shoots you with a shooter!! and it makes you kiss people. and i HATE kissing."

really, for a five year old boy, being shot by a naked man and then being forced to kiss the closest girl... that's got to be scarier than halloween.

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