Thursday, February 19, 2009

b/d confusions

yesterday and today i made the wrong guided reading book choice. i pulled a book about kids at the beach who are digging a ditch.

in first grade kids still have b/d confusion. so when they are stretching out their words they may try the /b/ sound with the word itch before they try the /d/ sound.

plus, since they are all esol children they're not familiar with the word ditch, but if you add the /b/ sound it is one they've heard before.

*sigh* always a way to make the day more exciting.

** ** ** **

as i was writing this post a kindergartner came up to me and grabbed the scissors sitting beside me. "hey!" he said, "can i use these?"
"no, please go find your own scissors"
"but i have apple stuck in my teeth and i need to get it out!"

ewww... you wont use your own but you were just going to stick my scissors in your mouth!?!?


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