Tuesday, February 3, 2009

obama obsession

my bff saw a picture on teacher's desk of her standing in front of the lincoln memorial. in the picture you can see the lincoln's leg, but that's about it. otherwise it's a picture of three happy girls standing in front of the memomrial

my bff exclaimed, "look! it's obama!"

what? I went to look at the picture- knowing that it didn't make sense, this teacher did not have a picture of obama on her desk.

"obama!" he said excitedly. "obama!"

"oh! that's where obama went to his concert" i tried to explain, "that's the lincoln memorial".

"no! that's obama'!! see, that's his leg" my bff said with a matter-of-fact tone, knowing for sure that statue was of our current president.

and, since i was really focusing on getting him to write a friendly letter to his parents i let this confusion slide and refocused him on his writing. however, now i realize i have totally screwed with his understanding of history. next time he sees the lincoln memorial he'll be even more convinced that the man in the chair is obama. i may never get to teach him the truth.

*sigh* you have to choose your battles everyday, but some days you make the right choice for the moment, but the wrong choice for educating the whole child.

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