Tuesday, August 19, 2008

today will be better

today will be better.
today i will be patient with the children.
today i know what to expect so i will know how to balance my time between moving and teaching.
today i am wearing tennis shoes so that i wont be moving heavy boxes in my super cute mary janes.
today i will say positive things when talking with my coworkers, instead of just mumbling 'today sucks'.
today i will be flexible, flexible, flexible, and will laugh in the face of challenges.
yesterday was a pass at being positive. yesterday i could be grumpy. excuse my grumpiness on the blog. thanks for putting up with it.
goodbye grumpiness.
as kindergarten chaos put it, today we're all going to wear our happy shoes.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I think you've done an impressive job of balancing the move and working with students. I also think you're holding the grumpiness back pretty well.

Yesterday was a Monday, we all know those can easily suck. Today is Tuesday, it has to be better.