Thursday, August 14, 2008


i was totally fired today. by my friend with autism who was furious with me for singing a song with the class. yesterday i took him to my principals and had him watch as my principals told me that i have to work with all of the children, not just him. i felt ridiculous asking my principals to scold me in front of a student, but i wanted him to have a visual memory to put with what i tell him everyday.

so today when he threw a fit and went into the corner i went over to get him and reminded him of what my bosses said.

"your fired mrs lipstick!" he yelled at me as he threw a block. "fired!"

trying not to laugh all i could say was, "i'm sorry you fired me, but now we are going to clean up the blocks."


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great when your principal gets it? How many bosses would understand in the "real world" ?

I'm glad you have someone who has your back, ;)

organized chaos said...

I do have incredible principals! That is something I am so blessed with.