Sunday, August 3, 2008


or something that looks like it may, one day, be something somewhat like it.

on friday when my co-teacher rang the chime for the students to stop and look they did. hands in the air, one finger over their mouth, eyes on their teacher. not just once, but over and over again.

when i told a child it was time to go to the thinking spot he only argued once. when he returned to the carpet he was quiet.

when we gave instructions to students they didn't turn their heads, stick their tongues out, or say, "i don't want to".

i overheard one friend say, "i'm on the silver line!" when walking down the hallway. and he was! he wasn't trying to run out of line, grab artwork from the walls, or go into another classroom!

my head was not completely pounding when i left for my final.

it took 5 days of consistency, of calm explanation, of silently leading children to time-out, of reviewing rules over and over again, of practicing the rules, the routines, of explaining what we expect. we broke down exactly how to sit on the carpet. step by step. over and over. how to line up. how to put away their backpack. how to be a kindergartner.

but it worked.

not perfect, far from an angelic class of kiddos, but a far cry from monday, or tuesday. i felt like skipping out of school. they are fantastic kids, great personalities, great stories to tell, great ideas to flow out of their heads as we put information in. now that they'll look at us when we ask them to, it is going to be a fabulous year.


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