Friday, August 15, 2008

friday celebrations

i'm exhausted, but feel there is a lot to celebrate today.

most importantly, in writing workshop we've been dividing the kids into 3 groups based on their current instructional needs. my fabulous co-teacher takes one group, i take another, and the kindergarten aide takes another. so far its been working pretty well. today the kindergarten aide told us that during her lunch duty one of the children in her group raised his hand, which at lunch usually means the child needs a straw or help opening those annoying ketchup packets. this little one though said, "ms s. i have a story to tell"
she told him to put it in his pocket and save it for monday. now we can't wait to hear it. hooray for writing workshop creeping into lunch time.

on smaller notes:
my running-man friend ran out of the classroom significantly less today, and when he did he stayed much closer to the classroom and did not run down the hallway.

his new behavior plan worked so well that when i went over to give him a frowny-face for throwing his books i noticed there was already a frowny-face there. he had given it to himself after he threw the books.

later, when i said, "we do not spit in school" he said, "do you have a book on that? on spitting? a book that says no spitting in school?"
he is asking for his own social stories now... at least he knows what he needs.

in kindergarten i was excited about writing workshop today and the stories our kiddos produced, and, more importantly, they actually stayed on their bottoms and listened to each other's stories.

happy friday! today gave us the hint of a promise that our hard work is going to pay off.

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