Monday, August 18, 2008

fighting back tears

my car is packed with my personal classroom library. the fabulous room we've previously been able to pull kids into for extra learning groups is gone. our school is bursting at the seams and we need any and all classroom space we can get. we're adding another teacher, which is fabulous for the school. we wouldn't want it any other way, but it does mean that groups of us are running around today moving rooms. and what we've lost is our kid work space. so all of my personal things i've bought to work with kids over the years are in my car. who knows where they'll end up... they certainly don't fit in my new house.
it's hot and i've been running back and forth trying to "be a trooper" and quickly pack my things up. i'm not the only one in this boat and it just sucks.
my kids are falling apart too, but i can't be with them today. my ia just stopped me to tell me all the terrible things that are happening in the classroom without me. i've left my teachers in a pinch since i was suppose to teach lessons today. i am sitting criss-cross applesauce at my desk because i've just piled things under it and now there is no leg room. i'm trying to think what to do next, but i have no idea what is the next productive move. (currently i'm the only adult in a room with a child throwing a tantrum, so for a few minutes i can't do much but sit here.)
today just sucks. it's ok that we have to move, it's great for the school. i'm just overwhelmed, panicked about where things will go in my house, overwhelmed with how to help my kids and organize a new room.


Snippety Gibbet said...

I'm sad that you lost your space. You certainly utilized it! All those "clubs" of kids you worked with during your lunch time...amazing.

I'm kind of worrying about my own space.......

Alice said...

I sure hope you get some serious relaxing in during your October break. It's not good to be under such pressures and demands all the time. Be good to yourself!