Saturday, September 22, 2007

The trouble with co-teaching in 4 different classes...Or, Who Let Spider-Pig Out?

I was in my first kindergarten class of the day during their snack time when I heard a rousing rendition of 'Spider Pig' (from The Simpsons Movie) break out from one table group. They sang the song passionately, over and over again and so I left their classroom with "spider-pig, spider-pig, doin whatever a spider-pig does" playing in my head. I immediately entered another kindergarten class, who had just sat down to snack. It was not long before "Who let the dogs out?" was being sung by a table group munching on animal crackers.

It was kindergarten battle of the bands, the only loser being the teacher who now had both songs playing over and over again in her head.

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Suzanne G. said...

You MUST learn some silly songs and fight back. You need to implant some earworms in the kids!