Saturday, September 15, 2007

Responsive Classroom

I just came from the first of 5 all-day Saturday classes for my Masters Program in Special Ed. This class is on behavior management, which I'm excited about because you can never have too many behavior management ideas in your pocket.

I admit though that most of the class just showed me how much Responsive Classroom has done for me. I kept thinking about how simple concepts like teacher language end so many of the behavior problems in a classroom. Most of the recommendations on how to be proactive in the classroom are covered fully and accurately in the RC approach. I also realized how RC has changed my general thinking about children, behavior, and how to teach. I hadn't realized how much it has been ingrained in me.

Today reaffirmed my beliefs in RC and reminded me that it has great tools I can't forget about now that I'm out of the classroom.

On a side note, I also sat through a painful 45 minute PowerPoint on APA style, where I learned it is no longer acceptable to double space after a period. Breaking this habit is going to be much harder than composing the actual assignments. We're talking years and years of double-spacing. Who decided this? When did this become the norm?


Suzanne G. said...

I'm so glad you were re-inspired. Keep up the good work.

Allan said...

Single spacebar, double spacebar. Thus my conflict in college, 39 years ago, between Journalism and English. The English teacher called for double, while the Journalism teacher, following the rule of succinct, tight copy, asked for single.

Other differences: English likes long paragraphs and lots of words. Journalism asks for shorter copy and more paragraphs.

I always liked the Journalism classes best.