Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday uno game

I got schooled in uno today by a kindergartner. I mean, 100% beat down. Sweetest little girl, when she's not playing uno. A slightly shy, nurturing 5 year old girl who becomes a 16 year old uno champion, complete with smack talk. It was as though she was transformed into another being once the uno cards came into her hands. Occasionally she'd come out of the trance and look embarrassed, apologize for her rudeness, and confirm that she was just joking. Then it would be her turn again and she'd throw down a well-played draw 4. She was even slipping in and out of Spanish when she got overly excited.
It was fun to watch this competitive, strategic side come out of her. It was such a reminder that we don't always see the whole-child in our little 7 hour window we get to see them. There is always a surprise hidden there somewhere!


Anonymous said...

Hate to be devil's advocate, but did you know that there's a prominent MIT professor who thinks we should teach poker in schools to teach a variety of skills? Sounds like your little uno player would benefit.


Tree said...

Have you tried goldfish? Fourth graders show a surprising amount of attitude when playing any form of goldfish.