Monday, September 17, 2007

Mary Poppins

Today I was walking my bff down the hall toward kiss and ride, praising him for what an incredible job he was doing walking in the hallway. I was feeling pretty pleased with his behavior over the last week and was thinking that we had really turned a corner.

And just then, around the corner, came my two new friends who recently enrolled in our school. Screaming. I passed my bff off to his kindergarten teacher and went to go help the kindergarten aids settle down my two new friends.

As I was telling my husband this incident, he pointed out that I have become Mary Poppins. I'm with kids as long as they need me, pulling magical toys out of my endless bag. (I actually mean this literally... I carry a very large bright green bag where I keep all sorts of tricks, books, thera-puty, and other fun items I may need. But I guess the bag could be metaphorical as well.) Then, once they've melded into their classroom community, I'm onto the next group.

While this made me smile, it made me wonder, was Mary Poppins every ready to leave her charges? Didn't she get to sit back for awhile and settle in with the calmness she created?

I guess that isn't really her style. It's not mine either.

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Jenny said...

For the recent 50th birthday celebrated at our school, one of my students wrote that the teacher was "the real life Mary Poppins". How wonderful for all of you to be viewed that way!