Friday, September 7, 2007

ants, balloons, computers

a b c's of this week in kindergarten

A for the many, many ants that crawled into the half the book bags yesterday due to an open yogurt container. Somehow "please throw away your yogurt" translated into "please put it into your bookbag and save it for later"...

B is for the 50 balloons that were paraded past one of my classes today, causing them to stop in their tracks and look in awe at every kindergartner's dream. Some hopped up and down, clapped their hands, and generally forgot where they were.

C for computers that each child gets a turn on when their name comes up. Every class I was in today had issues with children trying take other children's turns. My bff even announced, "Hey, it's broken! It doesn't say BFF! Fix it!!"
I give him credit for trying though. That's kind of clever.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... ants, balloons and computers.... an eventful week no doubt!

It's so funny when kids tuck their food away for later... they think they're being so clever... but let's face it... it always ends in tears as yoghurt goes everywhere or the cake etc gets squished all over their things ;)

Petersrole said...

When you say "each child gets a turn on when their name comes up", does that mean they each get a turn to use it or that they get really excited about it?