Saturday, September 1, 2007

random thoughts

1) The other night I made my husband 'use his words' when he pointed at the fridge and expected me to know what to get out. I didn't mean to, it was my automatic reaction to pre-verbal-like requests.

2) I notice that every time I wear my new school t-shirt I have a really, really bad day with the kids. Maybe there is something about the blue and grey t-shirt that causes certain kids to run away from me.

3) My new favorite aspect of my new job is that I get to delete all those stressful emails for classroom teachers regarding where to send the PTA money, the after-school care sign up sheets, and the SCA spirit day participation counts, etc. delete, delete, delete. Those little emails use to send me into an anxiety attack as kids came into the room in the morning waving papers I hadn't even realized I'd sent home. Kiss and Ride duty once a week is worth those moments of 'delete'.

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