Monday, January 11, 2010

when things I hate and things I did today are the same list...

Things I hate:
1) The dentist
2) Trying to schedule translators for IEP meetings
3) Special Ed Paperwork
4) Meetings
5) Having a day at school when I don't work with kids

Things I did today:
1) Had a root canal
2) Tried to schedule translators for an IEP meeting
3) Special Ed Paperwork
4) Went to a meeting that opens up the door to do even more special ed paperwork.
5) Spent a day at school and did not work with kids.

Email I got from Mr. Lipstick today:
Congratulations! When you woke up this morning you thought the worst thing that was going to happen was your 2 o'clock meeting. Instead, you had a root canal. Now your 2pm meeting wont be that bad, right?

Not amused.

And I can't drink wine on pain killers.

But Mr. Lipstick is making dinner. And since I went back to work after the root canal, I am making up for my bravery by spending the evening on the couch, allowing my fabulous husband to wait on me. I do love him.

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