Monday, January 18, 2010


I've always been a fairly lazy tech-savy person- I don't turn off my laptop at night before I go home, or turn it off as I move from place to place- at least I didn't.
I never really worried about it, never really spent time thinking about what made all the computer magic work. Instead I just used it for what I wanted and left it at that.

Until a month ago when I got caught. Clairvoy discovered my little secret. But unlike anyone else whose been horrified at my computer habits and said, "Do you know how bad that is for your computer? No wonder it runs slow!" etc, etc. Clairvoy said, "That's like taking one of your children with autism, blind-folding them, turning them around in circles to make them dizzy, plucking them from their familiar homes and placing them smack down in the middle of a busy mall".

Now, why didn't someone explain it to me like that before?

That sucks- that's horrible. Poor hypothetical child with autism. Poor computer.

My ways have changed, now that someone put it into language I can understand.


Tim said...

Tell Clairvoy that's the dumbest analogy I've ever heard! (He knows where to find me :-)

If you close the lid of your laptop, it should go into suspend (sleep) mode after a few seconds and be just fine. You will probably need to restart it once every few weeks but that beats the time spent waiting for Windows to start up and shut down every day.

Techmuse said...

Yup--rebooting once a week is probably a good thing--but managing your battery life is probably more essential than always shutting down...and he knows where to find me as well.....I reboot only when things start to get slow--other than that I just turn off the monitor on my CPU....and for my laptop--I like to charge it only when it starts screaming for the plug

Clairvoy said...

Tim and Karen: Wow, Organized Chaos says something nice, and I have you two come along behind her and slap me around.

I would like to say, OC quoted me with much more style, humor, excellence than I could muster.

I also stand by the technology inherent in my comment.