Thursday, January 14, 2010

drama, drama

"Ok, time to take the babies to school!" announced one little kindergarten girl at the house keeping center today. She gathered up her family of a pink bear, a giraffe, and a small rabbit, slung a large purse over her shoulders, and pretended to take her babies to school.

Beside her sat a little boy intently focused on the play cash register. I thought perhaps he was pretending to be a sales clerk, or maybe wasn't pretending anything at all- maybe he was just fiddling with the very cool toy.

Nope. He was pretending.

"Oh no! The police are coming!" he exclaimed, as he stuffed the play money into his pockets.

I looked from him to the young "mom". She shrugged "I'm the mommy, these are my babies, and he's the stealer."


Then she went on. "When I'm asleep I have to make sure I close my purse 'cause sometimes he steals money from me!"


"but maybe I should call the police" she states, and grabs the toy phone.

"police? yeah, he's doing it again." she pauses, "right- he's stealing." another pause. "maybe you should throw him in jail" pause. "well, I really think jail would be good for him right now"

Her partner picks up other play phone.

"Police?" he asks, "yeah, you'd better give me money or else" he pretends to shoot the phone. Then he does it again. He hangs up the phone, shakes his head, "I hate the police" he explains calmly.

good grief. Who needs HBO? There was more drama in those 10 minutes of play than in the last movie I saw...


Vagabond Teacher said...

LOL...that's fantastic! The things that go through their heads are amazing!

Karin Katherine said...

WOW...that was a lot of drama. Perhaps your classroom should have its own reality show?
;0 )

Theresa Milstein said...

Let's hope they caught a little bit of a crime show or news, and it's not from experience!