Sunday, January 3, 2010


i am so not in a good mood.
it's ridiculously cold and windy outside. my cat managed to destroy one of the cookbooks i'd placed on top of the frog's file box (and all mr. lipstick said was, "well, better that than the frog". )
but most of all i have to go back to work tomorrow.
by choice.
i decided, back in october that it would be a good idea to teach intersession.
i was so, so, stupid.
i could spend another week cuddling under warm blankets, sipping hot coco and reading for pleasure. but no, i thought "it's good money" and "i like intersession"
i'd forgotten that last spring, after our last intersession, the thoughts, "you can't pay me enough to do this again" were going through my head.
so instead, i'm banging around the house, making mr. lipstick miserable, acting like going back to work after a 2 week break is the worst thing i've ever had to do in my entire life. like i'm being forced to walk off the plank by unruly pirates.
i know, don't you wish you were here: cheerful, isn't it?

but tomorrow is a half day- and i'm teaching scapbooking, which tends to be a gigantic, fun, mess. we'll sing lots of noisy, active songs and read lots of great books, and i'm sure by the end of the day tomorrow i will have thought about some other good reasons that i shouldn't stay in bed for the remainder of the week...

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