Wednesday, June 3, 2009


today, the new behavior plan no longer had its novel magic. i think it still worked, but today was far from perfect. perhaps i blogged too soon.

10 more days.

two weeks from today i'll be sipping a margaretta and thinking about my 5 weeks of summer break (and starting to panic about the comps i have yet to study for).

today i told my bff when he yelled in my ear it gave me a headache. he touched my forehead and said, "this what hurts?" and made hand motions as though he was unscrewing my head. he pulled my brain out, showed it to me (silently), then mimed massaging it, smashing it, putting water in it, and then acted out re-inserting it into my head.

wait! he said. i forgot the rainbow.

he took out my imagery brain and blew in the imaginary rainbow. once again he pushed my "brain" back into my head and closed it up.

he sighed, with his eyes toward the sky.

isn't that a beautiful rainbow? he asked. now you'll see rainbows all the time.

i couldn't help myself. i looked up, following his eyes to the blank spot in the air above our heads. i signed as well. thank you. i said. it is a beautiful rainbow.

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The Girl said...

Aren't they wonderful?

10 more days :) I'm doing summer school with 1st graders going into 2nd, and have 17 left with them...makes me kinda sad...