Thursday, June 4, 2009

advice from a third grader

my smart cookie and i were hanging out before i had to administer the state test to her. we were chatting about the crazy storm last night (and comparing how our animals reacted to the thunder and lightening).

then i told her that i'd had to go pick mr. lipstick because he'd been trying to play softball on the mall and had gotten really, really wet. i had to bring a towel for him to sit on because he was so wet from the rain.

she looked at me and snorted. "i would have told him to ride the bus"

mr. lipstick, aren't you lucky that i don't take advice from her?

1 comment:

Petersrole said...

Smart cookie-pants clearly doesn't understand love. I hope the test you were giving her wasn't on compassion. She'll fail.