Friday, June 19, 2009

name game

my name, obviously, is not mrs. lipstick. my married name is somewhat close to lipstick, and all the children think that is actually my name. a parent earlier this year told me she thought that when her daughter told her about mrs. lipstick it was because her daughter had made up an imaginary teacher as a way to cope in kindergarten.

i don't even wear lipstick, so it's not actually that fitting of a name. and it makes me unfairly popular with the high-school musical girls, which is not a group i would ever have run with in my own days of elementary school. i was far more of a tree climbing girl myself.

however, the other day, out at kiss and ride, i'd just finished lecturing a student on being safe and not running into traffic. a little girl (maybe second grade?) came up to me and asked me my name. she looked a bit confused and repeated back,

"mrs. upset?"

mrs. lipstick is a far better pseudonym than mrs. upset. is that really how i come off when at kiss and ride? yikes!

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