Saturday, June 6, 2009

all knowing... & other bff stories

On Thursday the first grade team had a planning day so I was away from my kiddos all day. As I walked down the hallway during dismissal I could hear some sort of tussle happening in the library. As I glanced in, my bff screamed "no! not Mrs. Lipstick!" and ran further into the library. "She'll know about the computer! Get away Mrs. Lipstick. Get away!"

Children and adults stared at me as though I'd caused him physical harm. On Friday children came up to me and asked why he was so scared of me. I was embarrassed, but mostly confused at why he was screaming and running away from me when I hadn't seen him all day.

Apparently he'd spent a joyful day going to youtube and downloading veggietales videos to watch with both his classroom teacher and me out of the room. Knowing this was against the rules, and somehow believing I KNEW what he had done, he flipped at the mere sight of me.

I love that he believes I know everything.
Piaget's stages of development are developing a bit slower than average, but who needs average anyway?

*** *** ***
Yesterday was indoor field day and my bff was feeling just as unexcited about the loud noise in the gym as teachers. He looked at me and pulled a fake cough "I'm too sick for the gym" he told me over and over again. We agreed that he'd go and try it and if he needed to leave all he had to do was tell me and we'd go.

He actually did a fantastic job and participated in all but 2 of the races. One was the sack race, where he got into the sack and then decided it wasn't for him. (I was impressed he tried). The other was the spoon race. He watched in horror as his friends did this and when it was his turn he yelled, "NO!! SPOONS ARE FOR EATING!"

True. Can't argue with that one.

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