Tuesday, April 7, 2009

your thoughts on behavior management

ah yes, it's spring break and i've created a paper fort for myself in my living room. research papers, survey results, apa guide books, the syllabus, etc are quietly forming a wall around me, locking me down. of course i might be finished by now if i could stop checking my twitter feed once every 3 seconds, planning our next vacation, checking my google reader once ever 5 seconds, and engaging in other procrastinating behaviors.

regardless- my research project is on how teachers develop and implement individual behavior modification plans. i've polled the teachers at the think tank (my school) because for my paper my professor wanted me to keep the survey results small. (thank goodness because just analyzing that data is killing me). but i'd love to get your thoughts as well.

if you are a classroom teacher i'd love it if you follow '>this link and fill out this survey. it should take about 15 minutes. if you work at my school then you've probably already done this and i can't imagine you'd want to do it again.


mrs. lipstick

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